Note: Documents you submit to the Tribunal are available to the public on request subject to limited exceptions.

During the Provincial Emergency Order, please check the Tribunal’s website ( for information on service changes affecting how to submit documents to the Tribunal.

Appellant/Applicant Forms

Municipality/Approval Authority Submission Form

Other Forms (Samples and Templates)

Please be advised that any forms that require filing with the Tribunal Registrar should be filed in paper copy only.  If you send a copy of your form by email, send it directly to the assigned Tribunal Case Coordinator.  It is not necessary to copy the Registrar on emails.

  • Settlement Request Form (WordPDF
  • Request for Issuance of a Summons to Witness (WordPDF
  • Request for Adjournment (WordPDF)
  • Acknowledgement of Expert Duty (Word PDF)*NEW
  • Sample Affidavit of Service (WordPDF)
  • Request for Certified Exhibit (WordPDF)
  • Certified Decision Request Form (WordPDF)
  • Certificate of Service (Word | PDF)
  • Constitutional Question (WordPDF)
  • Notice of Motion (WordPDF)
  • Notice of Reply (WordPDF)
  • Notice of Response to Motion (WordPDF)
  • Sample Affidavit (WordPDF
  • Sample Procedural Order (With Attachment) (WordPDF)
  • Sample Procedural Order for Video Hearings (Word | PDF)*NEW
  • Sample Notice – Case Management Conference (WordPDF)
  • Participant Status Request Form and Participant Statement Form (PDF)
  • Party Status Request Form (PDF)

Bill 139 Forms

These forms are only to be used for matters that are being processed under the provisions of Bill 139.

  • Bill 139 Submission Form – Case Management Conference (WordPDF
  • Sample Synopsis (WordPDF
  • Bill 139 Sample Notice – Case Management Conference (WordPDF
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