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Case Status

Visit our Case Status service for information on active and recently closed cases, including information on upcoming hearing events and issued decisions.

You can search for cases before the Tribunal using keywords such as:

  • Property location
  • Municipality
  • Legislation (Act, section)
  • Case Number
  • Reference Number

All searches are done using the Search field.

Please note that you cannot search for cases using your e-file Appeal ID number. When completing a search, please use the OLT Case Number or the reference number provided by the approval authority.

If you are searching for a newly filed appeal, please note that depending on the type of appeal, it may have been filed directly with the Municipality or other Approval Authority (the legislation directs where an appeal is to be filed). The case will appear on the Case Status Service once the appeal is received and processed by the Tribunal, which, depending on the volume of appeals received at a given time, may take a number of weeks.

You may sort the information by selecting the column heading.

For information on closed cases, visit our Decisions page.

If you cannot find the case you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We thank you for your patience as we continue our transition to our new case management system.