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Welcome to the e-file portal, an Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) service that enables you to prepare and manage your appeals online.

Currently, e-file only allows you to digitally submit an appeal if you are filing an appeal that, according to legislation, is to be filed directly with the Ontario Land Tribunal. Many appeals need to first be filed with a municipality or other approval authority before they come to OLT. Please check your notice of decision or applicable legislation to verify where an appeal should be filed. We are in a transition period, as we work to get municipalities and other approval authorities signed on with e-file. Once these municipalities/approval authorities have registered, we will list them here. 

E-file allows you to:

  • File on your own behalf or the behalf of someone else (for example, a family
    member, a business or organization, or a client)
  • File multiple related appeals
  • Upload required documentation
  • Pay filing fees online
  • Print or save a PDF of your completed application

How to e-file