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Ontario Land Tribunal
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Participant Status
Request Form and Participant Statement Form

This form is expected to be provided at least 10 days in advance of the first hearing event to the Tribunal and all parties. Please contact the assigned Tribunal Case Coordinator to verify the relevant contact information for the parties. A paper copy of this form must also be provided to the Tribunal Member at the first hearing event.

Important: This form includes your written request for participant status and your participant statement. The presiding Tribunal Member will consider your request and the participant statement provided below at the hearing event prior to determining whether to grant you participant status and accept your participant statement.


Case Information

Contact Information

I certify that I have written authorization to act as a representative and I understand that I may be asked to produce this authorization at any time.

Status Request Details and Participant Statement

A person who wishes to participate in a proceeding as a participant (and not a party) may only make a submission to the Tribunal in writing in accordance with section 17 of the Ontario Land Tribunal Act and Rule 7.7 of the OLT’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.

In the space below, describe your interest in the case, your position on the issues and an explanation of your reasons in support of your position. You may also provide documentation or attachments to support your request. The information you provide will be your participant statement.


  1. Please refer to Rule 7.7 of the OLT’s Rules of Practice and Procedure and section 17 of the Ontario Land Tribunal Act regarding the requirements for preparing a participant statement.
  2. The OLT issues all correspondence to parties and participants electronically.
  3. Personal information or documentation requested on this form is collected under the authority of the Ontario Land Tribunal Act and the legislation under which the proceeding is commenced.
  4. All information collected is included in the OLT case file and the public record in this proceeding.
  5. In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and section 9 of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, all information collected is available to the public subject to limited exceptions.