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Mediation Centre

In 2020-21 the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) launched a pilot program for a new approach to mediation. Mediators with extensive experience in land use planning and land compensation expropriation, were retained to help deliver mediation services to settle complex land use planning disputes and narrow issues for faster adjudication, resulting in a more efficient hearing process. As a result, there has been an increasing demand for Tribunal-led mediation to address various aspects of land use instruments.

The OLT has opened its Mediation centre to further expand its mediation program. The Mediation centre consists of various mediation and break-out rooms to accommodate both in-person and hybrid mediation events.



With the re-opening of in-person services, the OLT explored and implemented options for hybrid and in-person events including technology installed in its hearing and mediation rooms. The OLT will continue to review advancements in technology in these areas and look to improve the technology in use to simplify administration and to increase ease of use for the public.

The OLT recognizes that it plays an important role in the province’s housing supply and remains committed to principled and timely resolutions of the matters before it.