Fee Chart


June 22, 2020

Effective July 1, 2020, fees for filing appeals will increase. Please see the news release for more information.

Fees are payable by certified cheque or money order and must be in Canadian funds. Certified cheques and money orders should be made payable to the “Minister of Finance.”

 Items Fees
Development Charges Appeal $1,100 [2]
Land Compensation Appeal $400
Minor Variance and Consents Appeal $400

A fee of $25 will apply to each additional variance appeal filed by the same appellant against connected variance applications.

A fee of $25 will apply to each additional consent appeal filed by the same appellant against connected consent applications.

Municipal & Miscellaneous Appeal [1] $1,100 [2]
Municipal Finance Appeal $1,100 [2]
Official Plans and Amendments Appeal $1,100 [2]
Plan of Subdivision / Condominium Appeal $1,100 [2]
Subdivision Appeal $1,100 [2]
Zoning By-law Appeal $1,100 [2]
Request for Review $400
Summons No fee
Certified Copy of Tribunal Decision $20 for each copy of a Decision you are requesting
Certified Copy of Tribunal Exhibit $20 for each copy of an Exhibit you are requesting.
Copying of documents (If photocopying is done by LPAT staff) $1 per page
Copying at the Information Office (If photocopying is done by client at the LPAT office)  $0.35 per page
Rules of Practice & Procedure (Free copy is available via LPAT website) $25
Service Charge for NSF (Payment must be made by certified cheque or money order) $35

Footnotes to Fee Schedule

[1] Miscellaneous includes all other appeal types to the Tribunal authorized by legislation or regulation that are not directly listed above.

[2] An Appellant may request a reduction of the filing fee to $400, if the Appellant is a private citizen or eligible community group.  The request for a reduction in the fee must be made at the time of filing the appeal. Please use our Request for Fee Reduction Form.

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