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appeal: for the purposes of e-file, “appeal” refers not just to appeals, but also applications, objections and referrals

appellant: A person or corporation who initiates and submits an appeal for adjudication by the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

approval authority: The initial decision-maker of the matter appealed to the OLT. It may be a municipal council, conservation authority, ministry, board, commission, agency, etc.

case type: categories based on the topic under appeal and the applicable legislative provision. If you are unclear as to the case type that applies for your appeal, try filling out the legislation/section first, and e-file will filter the list of case types.

child appeal: any subsequent appeal filed when filing related appeals (e-file will pre-populate the child appeal with the same property, approval authority, appellant and representative information from the lead or parent appeal, but you can add additional properties, appellants or representatives if needed and provide different details about the case type, legislation and section number, and reasons for the appeal).

file: to send, submit, deliver or transmit appeal(s) and related documentation material to the proper authority for receiving appeals. Requires that the appeal material is either deemed to be or has actually been received by the OLT or authority.

lead appeal: the first appeal filed when filing related appeals. Sometimes also referred to as “parent appeal”

legal description of property: a written statement that describes where a particular plot of land is located, often by reference to a survey, recorded map or adjoining property. This is generally used for rural routes or concessions without a municipal address and is used to identify a particular plot.

municipal file number or reference number: Number on official documentation of underlying decision (e.g., notice of decision) that will help identify the matter that you are appealing (for example, application number, By-Law number, Official Plan number, Director’s Order number)

notice of decision: catch-all term to describe the official document that provides notice to the public or specific persons of the underlying decision, amendment, bylaw, order, motion or other action of an approval authority. It may have various titles, and generally instructs how an appeal may be filed.

representative: a person authorized under the Law Society Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. L. 8, as amended, or its By-Laws to represent a person in a proceeding before the OLT. This includes legal counsel or the individuals that are authorized to provide legal services. Representatives who are not legal counsel or licensed paralegals (e.g., a family member or a friend) must file a written confirmation of authorization to act for the party or participant (see OLT Rules of Practice and Procedure, Rule 4).