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E-file Registration: Municipalities and Other Approval Authorities

Register as an authorized e-file service provider to:

  • Serve public more effectively (e-file is fast and secure)
  • Easily and quickly group appeals together to send to the Ontario Land Tribunal
  • Use a generated checklist to ensure you have included all required documents in your submission

How to Sign Up

1. Update your notices of decision or other communications to include the following information:

    • information on how to file an appeal and pay the appeal fee through e-file
    • an email that can be used if the e-file portal is down
    • a date and a time for the expiry of the period for appeals to be filed (e.g., “December 13 at 4:30 p.m.”, not just “December 13”)
    • instructions for payment of any municipal administrative fees (if applicable)[1]

2. Identify who in your organization will be the primary contact(s)/administrator(s) (level-1) for e-file.

    • An approval authority can have more than one level-1 administrator.
    • The level-1 administrator(s) have to be approved by the Ontario Land Tribunal.
    • Once registered, level-1 administrators are responsible for granting access to other staff in their office (level-2 users) as needed.

3. Complete the E-file Registration Form (HTML | Word) as a level-1 administrator and submit to  along with sample copies/templates of your updated notices/communications.


4. We will notify you by email when we have approved your request, and provide you with a link to the

    administrator registration page in e-file.

      • As part of this registration process, administrators will need to create a My Ontario account (Government of Ontario online service) to authorize and authenticate access to the service.
      • If you need help with accessing or creating a My Ontario Account, consult the My Ontario help page

5. Once you have completed the registration page, your request is sent via e-file back to OLT for verification. You

    will receive a confirmation email within 2-3 business days granting you administrator access to log in and begin

    using e-file.

[1] Municipalities are entitled to charge administrative fees pursuant to s. 69 of the Planning Act or s. 391 of the Municipal Act.