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Approval Authority Glossary

appeal: for the purpose of e-file, “appeal” refers not just to appeals, but also  applications, objections and referrals

appellant: A person or corporation who initiates and submits an appeal for adjudication by the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

approval authority: The initial decision-maker of the matter appealed to the OLT. It may be a municipal council, conservation authority, ministry, board, commission, agency, etc.

case: practical term used to signify the appeal or bundle of appeals being sent to the OLT that relate to the same decision or planning instrument

level-1 administrator(s): OLT’s primary contact(s) for e-file. They can grant or revoke access to other staff from their office.

level-2 users: any staff in the approval authority office who have been granted access by their Level-1 administrator(s). They do not need approval from the OLT to access e-file.

notice of decision: catch-all term to describe the official document that provides notice to the public or specific persons of the underlying decision, amendment, bylaw, order, motion or other action of an approval authority. It may have various titles, and generally instructs how an appeal may be filed.

record: term used in legislation to describe the appeal package that is forwarded to the OLT by an approval authority.

registered approval authorities: approval authorities who have registered with the OLT’s e-file service and agree to receive appeals via the e-file service.