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Member Accountability Framework

The OLT shall ensure that members are familiar with the code of conduct that forms part of the member accountability framework by:

  • Including in the competitive process for new member appointments steps to ensure that the candidates are aware of the provisions of the code of conduct that will apply to a member;
  • Providing a copy of the code of conduct to each member on appointment and requiring acknowledgment of receipt of the document;
  • Training each new member on his/her responsibilities under the code of conduct at the earliest opportunity after appointment;
  • Providing to each member notice of any amendments to the code of conduct as soon as practicable;
  • Providing, on an annual basis, notice for members containing information about the code of conduct; and
  • Requiring on an annual basis that each member sign an acknowledgement of awareness of the obligations of the member, in a form satisfactory to the Ethics Executive.

Position Descriptions

The OLT has established position descriptions for the positions of Member, Vice-Chair and Chair.


The Ontario Land Tribunal shall include in the Professional Development Plan for the  members provision on an annual basis for a minimum of two hours for each member of ongoing training on the Ethics Plan and its component parts, and shall require certification by each member that the training is completed.

Other Tools

The OLT may develop internal policies and requirements consistent with the member accountability framework to help the members in discharging their obligations under the accountability framework.

Part III – Employment by the Crown, PSOA

Ontario Public Service staff at the OLT are subject to a separate enterprise-wide Ethics Plan, the “Guide to Public Service Ethics and Conduct”. This guide is an authoritative reference tool to acceptable business conduct and behaviour in the OPS. It covers requirements of the ethical framework and notice under the PSOA, other applicable legislation, corporate directives, policies and guidelines for staff. OLT staff are also subject to OLT’s Conflict of Interest Rules.