The Mining and Lands Commissioner

Le Commissaire aux mines et aux terres

File No. MA 011-98

L. Kamerman
Mining and Lands Commissioner

Tuesday, the 26th day of January, 1999.

The Mining Act

In the matter of

Mining Claims L-961253 to 961257, both inclusive, 1097076, 1097080 to 1097082, both inclusive, 1097084, 1111046,1118532, 1118533, 1118587, 1118591, 1118593, 1132023, 1132024, 1130968, 1130969, 1145821, 1145856, 1145857, 1146075, 1146076, 1147154 to 1147156, both inclusive, 1167853 to 1167857, both inclusive, 1168043 to 1168045, both inclusive, 1168672, 1168673, 1178980, 1179097, 1179146, 1179147, 1185652, 1186147, 1186148, 1198560, 1198569, 1198588, 1198637, 1198716, 1202648 to 1202650, both inclusive, 1202652 and 1212005 situate in the Townships of Bryce and Tudhope, in the Larder Lake Mining Division, hereinafter referred to as the "Mining Claims";

And in the matter of

An application under section 105 of the Mining Act for a declaration concerning the ownership of the Mining Claims and their transfer from the Respondent to the Applicant and such other relief as the tribunal deems just.


Diamond Rock Resources Inc.


John R. Ewanchuk

Notice and order to file supplementary submissions

Whereas the hearing of this Motion by this tribunal occurred on the 12th day of January, 1999, in the courtroom of this tribunal with Mr. Robert B. Cohen, appearing on behalf of the Applicant to this Motion and Respondent in these proceedings and Mr. Geoffrey C. Kubrick appearing on behalf of the Respondent to the Motion and Applicant in these proceedings;

And whereas this tribunal acted upon its jurisdiction pursuant to subsection 119(1) of the Mining Act to receive other evidence considered proper in addition to the evidence adduced by counsel on behalf of the parties, such evidence being a Request for Corporate Information from the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, Companies Branch, regarding whether Diamond Rock Resources Inc. had applied for an extra-provincial licence;

You are hereby advised pursuant to sections 119 and 120 of the Mining Act that the tribunal has obtained a Statement of No Record in connection with Diamond Rock Resources Inc. obtained from the Companies Branch, a copy of which is attached as Schedule "A" to this Notice and Order to File Supplementary Submissions;

And you are hereby further advised pursuant to sections 119 and 120 of the Act that this Office has undertaken a search using the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines', "Claims Client System", for the client number for Diamond Rock Resources Inc. and has found that no such client number exists.

You are further advised pursuant to section 120 of the Act that, while you are provided with the opportunity to cross-examine any experts providing expert evidence to the tribunal, the Act is silent with respect to documentary evidence obtained and the tribunal has determined, this being evidence obtained after the hearing of the motion, and in the interest of fairness, Mr. Cohen, Counsel for the Applicant in this Motion, Mr. John R. Ewanchuk, is hereby given until the 5th day of February, 1999, to make submissions on the aforementioned documentation and search and Mr. Kubrick, Counsel for the Respondent in this Motion, Diamond Rock Resources Inc., is given until the 19th day of February, 1999, to make submissions on the aforementioned documentation and search.

Dated this 26th day of January, 1999.

Original signed by L. Kamerman
Mining and Lands Commissioner

Schedule "A"

Request ID: F/00001/045
Transaction ID: 10713488
Category ID: UN/B
Province of Ontario
Ministry of Consumer and Commerical Relations
Companies Branch
Date Report Produced: 1999/01/19
Time Report Produced: 11:55:04

Statement of no record

Date Report Produced: January 19

Corporation Name: Diamond Rock Resources Inc.

Ontario Corporation Number: After entering the information exactly as it is printed above, a record could not be found for the above corporation name and/or the above Ontario corporation number.

Not all Corporate files transferred to the Government Record Centre or Archives from Companies Branch prior to June 27, 1992 have been recorded in the Ontario Business Information System. Additional historical Information may exist.


État d’absence de dossier

Demande no : F/00001/045
Transaction no : 10713488
Catégorie : UN/B
Province de l’Ontario
Ministère de la Consommation et du Commerce
Direction des compagnies
Document produit le : 1999/01/19
Imprimé à : 11 :55 :04

Rapport produit le : Janvier, 1999

Dénomination Sociale : Diamond Rock Resources Inc.

Numéro de la Société (Ontario) : Nous n'avons trouvé aucun dossier pour la dénomination sociale/ou le numéro de la société (Ontario) indiqués ci-dessus.

Les dossiers de renseignements sur les sociétés qui ont été transférés au Centre d'entreposage des dossiers ou aux Archives avant le 27 juin 1992 n'apparaissent pas tous dans le Système d'information sur les entreprises de l'Ontario (SINEO). II se peut qu'il y ait d'autres renseignements concernant cette société.