Filing an Appeal

To file an application or appeal of a decision, you need to notify the Mining and Lands Tribunal (MLT) and outline your case under the:

If you are appealing a decision made by a Provincial Mining Recorder, you need to file a formal appeal.

Once your notice is received, a “Direction to File” may be issued. You and the opposing party must provide all documents and information related to the case you will be presenting.

A Direction to File from the MLT requires the parties to file their evidence with both the MLT and with the party or parties in opposition. The evidence includes all materials which are to be relied upon if the matter proceeds to a hearing (e.g. written statements of witnesses and experts, official records, documents, maps, resumes, photographs, correspondence, or any other documentary materials). Direction to File will also provide deadlines for filing documentation.

When in doubt, include a document or at least provide a list of documents allowing the opposing side or the MLT to decide whether that document will also be needed.

Please do not attend a hearing without filing everything you intend to rely on. While the decision-maker may allow you to file additional documents, the opposite party may not be prepared to respond. As a result, the proceedings may have to be adjourned.

Note: Documents you submit to the Tribunal are available to the public on request subject to limited exceptions.

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