Office of Consolidated Hearings

About the Office of Consolidated Hearings

The Office of Consolidated Hearings (OCH) manages Joint Board hearings under the authority of the Consolidated Hearings Act. Joint Boards eliminate a multiplicity of hearings before different tribunals on matters relating to the same undertaking. The members of a Joint Board are selected from the Environmental Review Tribunal and the Ontario Municipal Board. A Joint Board is empowered to hold a hearing to consider all of the matters under all the applicable statutes the undertaking is subject to and for which hearings are required and to make a decision.

The proponent of an undertaking to which the Consolidated Hearings Act applies shall give written notice to the Hearings Registrar specifying the general nature of the undertaking, the hearings that are required or that may be required or held, and the Acts under which the hearings are required or may be required or held. Upon receipt of a notice, in accordance with these requirements, the Hearings Registrar shall refer the matter to the Chair of the Environmental Review Tribunal and the Ontario Municipal Board who, by order, shall establish the Joint Board.


Consolidated Hearings Act

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