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Rules of Practice and Practice Directions

September 12, 2016 | News

The Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has made housekeeping amendments to its Rules of Practice and Practice Directions.  The changes include updates to certain terms and definitions, changes resulting from the passage of new legislation; clarification of notice of allegation requirements and updates of statutory section references where needed.  The new Rules are effective September 12, 2016.

 Summary of ERT Rule Revisions

  1. Updated effective date of amended Rules;
  2. Inclusion of new legislation:Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016;
  3. Inclusion of new legislation:Waste Diversion Transition Act, 2016;
  4. New or updated definitions: “Authority”, “Director”, “Person”;
  5. Clarification of requirements for providing a notice of allegation against persons who are not parties;
  6. Updated end of business day time;
  7. Updated procedure for application for costs reflecting changes to the Statutory Powers Procedure Act;
  8. Change of term: Preliminary Hearing changed to Pre-hearing;
  9. Minor clerical amendments.
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