As of June 1, 2021, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, Environmental Review Tribunal, Board of Negotiation, Conservation Review Board and the Mining and Lands Tribunal were merged into a new single tribunal called the “Ontario Land Tribunal”. Please note that new forms are available on our "Forms" page. We are continuing to update our site to reflect the new Tribunal. Thank you for your patience.

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Draft OLT Rules for Consultation

January 19, 2021

Update (February 8, 2021)

Please note that the consultation period for the proposed draft Rules has been extended and we will be accepting comments until February 24, 2021.

Ontario Land Tribunals has prepared a new set of Rules to harmonize the practices and procedures in a proceeding before any Tribunal that is included within the cluster.  The proposed Rules are intended to maximize efficiencies and facilitate the timely adjudication and mediation of disputes related to land use planning, environmental or heritage protection, expropriated land valuation or any other matter considered by any of the Tribunals within Ontario Land Tribunals.  The Rules are to be read along with any specific statutory or regulatory requirement that applies to each Tribunal.

The link to the new draft Rules is  These draft Rules are posted for consultation.  Those interested persons may provide their comment on or before February 10, 2021 to the following email address:  The comments received will be considered before the date of the final enactment of the Rules by Ontario Land Tribunals.  Any comments will also be kept for a period of 6 months for future reference.

The content, structure, form and wording of this consultation draft Rules is subject to change as a result of the consultation process and any review, editing and correction by Ontario Land Tribunals.

Please continue to reference this web site for further updates to the Rules.

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