As of June 1, 2021, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, Environmental Review Tribunal, Board of Negotiation, Conservation Review Board and the Mining and Lands Tribunal were merged into a new single tribunal called the “Ontario Land Tribunal”. Please note that new forms are available on our "Forms" page. We are continuing to update our site to reflect the new Tribunal. Thank you for your patience.

Mandate & Mission


In accordance with the Ontario Land Tribunal Act, 2021, the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) will fairly, effectively and efficiently resolve disputes related to land use planning, environmental and natural features and heritage protection, land valuation, land compensation, municipal finance, and related other matters as authorized by statute and regulation.


We deliver modern, fair, responsive, accessible, effective and efficient dispute resolution services that support strong, healthy communities and the public interest.


OLT will review its public accountability documents to determine whether they require amendment every three years after their initial publication.

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